08 destroyed Muffler

I destroyed my Muffler yesterday but the head pipe is fine.

Does anybody have experience with a Pro Circuit T4 Slip On?

Will it work well with the stock head pipe?

Or do I need to bite the bullet and spend an extra $175.00 for a full DRD system?

I am on a budget.

IMO, i would go with MRD. dave is a great guy, he makes everything custom and a system is 400. but i would spen the extra money for the procomp tip, its a little quieter. http://warnekedesign.com/mrd-racing/index.php

I know a guy who runs a DR.D on his 07 450 and he loves it, i rode it last week and i liked it too, its not too loud and its a hell of an increase in bottom end!

got a Ti 4 Slip on from Ebay for 350.00 for my 07.

had a dr d on my ealier bike it was good too.

went with the Ti 4 this time since it uses the titanium header pipe and all i really needed was the spark arrester for my race league.

power isn't the problem i have with my 450. its controlling the power it already has.

i like the reduced weight of the complete ti system. the bike is enough of a beast as it is. i don't need to add more weight and to spend money to do it.

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