How Many Phases ?

I need to know how many 'phases' the electrical system runs with. 1-2-3 ? I'm guessing 2. I dont have my book with me and can't find info on this site. I need to know so I can get the right kind of rectifier for my lighting circuit.


The stock WR lighting coil is single phase. If the system was multiple phase there would be more than 2 wires because of multiple coils.

I know that the 01 wr 250f was a 12 volt "A/C" system. The new wr should be a "DC" type. The ac type will not charge batteries or operate all dc parts.

Aren't all these bikes running a rectified DC system? AC coming off the generator rectified to DC?

Not the WR250f. Its a 120 watt, 12 volt ac system

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