teamscream is the man. I saw him at neptunes net on sunday whilst on a ride with some friends and after recognizing his killer super motard bike from seeing pictures posted here I asked him if he was on thumpertalk. He said yes and we talked fore a while. Anyway after he left he popped tghe most insane wheelie down pch, I don't know how long it was (it seemed at least a mile). Lots of hoots and hollers from the crowd and by the way the bike looks even better than it does on the net in person.



Hahaha~! Thanks alot Mark! it was good meeting you and your bud's yesterday! Neptunes is a good spot, hey here are some of the links I told you guys about for getting SuperMotard stuff.

MotoMan <- ClickGo-Faster <-- Click

Between these 2 places you can get all your stuff pretty reasonable,(as far as the wheels and brakes go) Thanks alot for the comments by the way! yeah that stretch of PCH is great for the long hang it out there wheelies!

SHoot me an email! lets stay in touch and go riding next weekend maybe?

See ya!

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