07 WR450 Flywheel Weight

I hear having a flywheel weight helps traction, and i think i would like it to help me control the back tire a little better, i dont want to get too heavy of one though for fear of it really carying me off into corners instead of being able to slow down simply by not being into the throttle... does that make sense? anyway, just looking for a suggestion........... sorry in a hurry!!!!!!


Stealthy should have an FFW thats heavier than stock. I know GTYR has FFWs for the YZ, but I think the heaviest one is still lighter than the stock WR one.

scratch that the YZ FFW won't work for the WR

Trail Tech has what you need.



Trail Tech has what you need.



Yes, Trailtech has it, but it's only about 2 oz heavier than stock. It may be all you're looking for though. I thought I would be looking for a flywheel as well after coming off a 650R, but I've been pleasantly surprised with the degree that the WR can chug down to while riding various terrain.

Heavy fly wheel bring heavy weight feeling.

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