Taking Carb apart

Went out today and changed the plug. Turned on the fuel and carb leaks. So removed the carb. Have been looking it over and this thing is a mess. Have white corrosion all over the place in the thorrtle housing. and on the little black thing. Can you clean this or should I just buy all new? Also what are you guys using to clean the carb. This is my first 4. On all my 2 strokes I used electronic cleaner on everything jets, needle, carb body. Can I do the same with this carb. thanks

yes you can deff clean that one up...

but dang howd you manage to get corrosion IN your carborator :p

I would think electronic cleaner would be fine, just as long as it doesn't do any damgage to any of the meatl, or plastic parts inside.

and as far as taking it appart, its pretty stright forward, just put it back the same way you took it out and youl be fine. :ride:

just make sure you get the float adjusted correctly when your done,

the specs for it should be in your manual. ;)

yeah id deffinately give it a good clean up try and get all the corrosion off it should be fine id say for the leak the float was a bit stikky buy a spray tin of carby cleaner i use it all the time really striaght forward if you can help it just try not to reset any of the float levels once you get the float moving up n down nicely with out any resistant you should be right to put it back together if by anychance it still leaks you need to reset the float level really easy to do cant remember if you have to pull the pin towards you or push it in i think by memory with the bowl looking at you you pull it towards you mate im sure you will work it out with out any hassells good lukk

Reason the carb is messed up is because last owner didn't take care of it. Its went though 2 owners and myself. First owner put yoshumira ti full on it, rg3 clamps fastway pegs. He probably took care of it. 2nd owner rode it maybe 4-5 times dumped it and never rode it. Also never cleaned it. When I went to look at it, It looked trashed. But the bike was sitting for a year with gas in it and it kicked and started first kick. The guy wanted 2000.00 I told him 1300.00. He said no and I walked away. He called me hour later and said he would let it go. So for 1300.00 I couldn't pass it up. So I bought it and thought it was going to have problems, so just ran it. I changed the oil, filter, plug. Was going to rebuild the bike this winter. Guess Im going to start now. Hell for 1300.00 I can blow it and still rebuild it for what I paid. Plus I like working on bikes. Last bike was a clapped out 2000 rm250. I bought it for 800.00 put 700.00 into it and sold it for 1500.00. Did all the work myself. Thanks for the the help.

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