1999 wr 400...looking for some info and feed back..

i am going to look at a 99 wr 400 tomorow and i am wondering what if any were the service recalls on these bikes? any issues with the engine i need to be aware of? suspension?

and here is the ad for the bike

1999 Yamaha WR400. GPR dampener, Skid Plate, Radiator Gaurds, Clark Desert Tank, SRG Seat. Powerful bike that I don't have time to ride. Stock parts also. 3rd owner... clean and clear title.. and for 1700 BO...

Keep in mind all of my bikes before this have been 70's and 80's dinosaurs...:ride: so this newfangled monoshock setup should be nice:ride: ..lol...

I don't know about recalls, but in general, these bikes are as reliable as a claw hammer! The only issues that I am aware of both have to do with the crank. The primary drive gear is held in place with a woodruff key (later models are splined). You need to stay on top of it to make sure the nut doesn't loosen and allow the key to shear. Second is the small end of the connecting rod. They up-sized it by...I think 2mm on the 426's. I haven't read a LOT of problems with the small end...

Overall, though, I wouldn't worry much about those things...failurea are rare. Just look for good maintenance practices.

ok cool.. Should i just pull the side cover off, inspect the clutch (while im in there) and remove the gear inspect the crank then reinstall with a little blue loctite? Ill probably lend up askin my yampro instructor about it... and are 426 guts the same? crank, stroke, bore..etc...

and are 426 guts the same? crank, stroke, bore..etc...

400's were over square I think, bore diameter was larger than stroke was long. Super fast revving.

426's were square, or equal in bore and stroke I think.

My 99' was a beast:thumbsup:

well NIX that one..sold before i could even get my butt on the seat...ugh...3 rd time now dammit!!! first was the 450 then the 426 now the 400... goodlord..


I've got one in the classifieds; '99 / lotsa mods incl DS kit. Will ship if you arrange. price is OBO

My 99' was IS beast:thumbsup:

I'm actually running a 45T rear to tame the agressive power a little!

another one..whatcha think?

yamaha wr426f dual sport and it is street legal with a kill key switch... just had the forks rebuilt, motor serviced, carb clean, valves adjusted (have receipts and specs) has alot of parts on it, asv shorty levers, acerbis cyclops headlight, fmf power bomb header, fmf q2 muffler, jd jet kit, clarke 5.2 gal desert tank, kenda street tires 95% road 5% off road they are real fun through the twisties. Strong bike starts on the first kick... email, text me anytime or call any time if interested. $2700 obo and has all the stock parts and an enduro computer..

price sounds about cosidering all the extras and the plate

that ones a no go aswell...

im callin about an 98 ktm 400 this afternoon....

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