YZ450F Tire Pressure

The factory says 15 psi front and rear. I took my 2008 to the track for the first time and ran 12 psi front and 11 psi rear. The bike has stock tires and setup. The track was intermediate soil and my YZ turned great for me.

What tire pressures do you run?

You are going to get all different answers,here is what I run.



Sand 10


Different people with different tires will use different pressures for different conditions. There's no right answer for me that would necessarily work for you. I rarely run less than 11 psi, and never more than 15. Play with it.

Sand and mud generally require softer tires, but watch for rocks mixed in. Big rocks mean more air to keep the rim safe. More air keeps the knobs on light tire bodies from rolling under, less air lets stiffer tires flatten out against a hard surface for more tread contact.

The most accurate thing I can say is that you need to experiment.

I run 12 & 12, and 10 for mud and sand. The first thing I would do, is get rid of that 742 front tire. Your bike will turn night and day better after that.

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