Need cylinder head for 1999 YZF / WRF 400!!

Anyone have one or know of anybody that has one availble (I already checked in our parts section)?

It has to be in good shape (verifiably good shape). Mine is toasted where the cam shaft rides.

This is IRREPERABLE, and the head must be replaced.

This blows!!

Any help out here in TT Land?

Many Thanks, Fella's!!


I know you said it can't be repaired but who told you that? There are plenty of shops that repair alum automotive heads.

Other than the bike woes, how's it going? Wife & kids? Job? Ready for Xmas?


Eric Gorr.

He did tell me to check around, but to the best of his knowledge, it cannot be repaired. Along w/ a gouge on the riding surface where a journal bearing SHOULD reside, he said it is somehow twisted. The buckets that sit over the valves don't slide up and down like they should. I guess the openings are now oblong instead of round.

Family is going to PA. I am staying here in NH. I could not get off for Christmas. In fact, I am working Christmas day. I go in at 2230 to start 7 glorious nights of midnight shift. This also means I am on midnight shift for New Years Eve!!!

Nice to hear from you Bri!!

How did the job thing come out anyway?


what's been happening to you? i've missed this part of your long riunning greek tragedy! which scene and act are we at now pray tell?

i don't know the story, but i only hope that this explains the poor running you've had going all the way back to, oooh1 er, the ming dynasty :)

let's hear it mate!


Hey Kevin,

I know better to second guess Eric, but you might consider

sending it to this guy, I have had success with his cam journal repairs and weld ups on yz-f heads.

He is reasonable too, tell him Bill Berndt sent you.

Mike Crowther @ Engine Dynamics.

Maybe just call him and talk about it?

If you positively do not want to repair your head do you want to sell it?

Good luck!


very recently, there was either a cylinder or cylinder head for sale on either the parts forum or ebay... I'm sorry I didn't really pay much attention, and I cruise both. I will keep you in mind if I run across it or another, though.

As an aside; do you know what caused the damage and has that problem been remedied, and how? I'm very curious...

Though there are virtual magicians out there, one of the problems with such a repair involves the welding-up of the surface. Aluminum likes to "soak-up" oil into its pores. It is very difficult to remove this oil. When you then try to weld it, you get oil/air pockets bubbling to the surface... It can be very time consuming and frustrating to keep redoing the weld and machining it down.

We ran into this problem when attempting to redo the combustion chamber shape in an old 2-stroke head. Heating it up first can help, but a brand new head is much easier to work with. If you do find someone who can fix your head, please share his name and contact info here.

Eric Gorr informed me he figured something broke off in my engine (off of the cam...???).

He recommended I tear the engine down to find where the chunck/pieces came to rest - UGH!!!

As soon as I get my Mitsubishi Eclipse engine re-installed, I can jump on the bike AGAIN!!!


i just tore my engine down(426).. have a ruined intake cam, not sure if my head is damaged yet, will plastiguage it when i get the cam. i tore the clutch side down, and what i found was a tooth from the primary drive gear (attached to the clutch basket) had broken , which in turn broke a tooth on the cam gear, which damaged teeth on the balance gear.. a piece of that tooth lodged between the teeth of the crank gear that was large enough to stop the crank from turning over by hand but not under power.. it mangled my tensioners, chain and probably the cam.. i just pray my head is ok... if i have to order one, i know someone that can get a new one for me for..$473 for the head, cam retainers and bolts.. is that a fair price? (maybe if we bought two they would give a better deal?)

from Ronnies for a 99 YZ/WR:

1 5BE-11102-10-00 CYL HEAD ASSY 1 $537.25

from the MX Mall:

Product ID: 5BE-11102-10-00 Category: 1999 YZ400F cylinder

cylinder head assy

Description: YZ400F cylinder head assy

Price: $537.49

Sale Price: $449.98

Savings: $87.51

From the MX Mall on a 2000 YZ/WR 426 head:

Product ID: 5JG-11102-10-00 Category: 2000 YZ426F cylinder

cylinder head assy

Description: YZ426F cylinder head assy

Price: $588.79

Sale Price: $492.91

Savings: $95.88


thanks! i guess i was quoted a decent price.. i just hope i won't have to buy the thing! i have a spare 400 and 426 cylinder on the way, not sure of their condition, will check when i get them, you think about bumping your bike to 426? since you would need a new head anyway.. just a thought.. :)

My cylinder has the 420 kit work already done. Eric Gorr inspected the head as well. This is what he had found.

BTW, Kevin, Mike @Edco has already repaired spun intake cam journals on both yz-f's and gsxr's for me. He has saved my butt on many occasions repairing things for cheap that others wouldn't try.

His weld up are amazing not to mention his machine work.



Many thanks for the tip. I will be talking to this gentleman. Between the time differences (east coast vs. west coast) and being burried at work, I have not had the chance to make "first contact" w/ him. The first time I called, I got this goofy busy signal.

Hopefully Monday!

G'day Kevin

It seems every time I visit tt your having trouble in one way or another, Ya poor bugger. I hope you find a cheap fix for the head, If you dont mind how much has your WR spent of your Drinking money do you still drink? Im abuot to do a rebuild on my "00" Rod, piston, rings etc after 12,000km of faultless running ,apon dissasembly inspection everything is still within its wear limits.could the oil you are using or change intervalls be a factor or do you just try and kill the poor thing the way you ride it. any way good luck and good to see you are still here.

Here is what I found out today:

I have completely cleaned the head, valves, springs, etc of any and all glass bead. I polished the valve stems and valve buckets.

>> Everything really looks nice.

As my co-worker was playing w/ the head and cams, he installed the intake cam. The intake cam fits in the head waaaaay too tight. So tight in fact, the cam WILL NOT turn. It almost looks like a FACTORY YAMAHA defect, but this being a 1999...HOPELESS on any support, understandably.

I have tried contacting Mike Crowther several times. The number has been busy every time. I will continue to call.

The exhaust cam is fine.


interesting.. that is exactly what mine did on my 426. ex. cam spins very nicely, but the intake is very tight and almost too tight to turn by hand.. i have a new intake cam coming tomorrow, so i will check it again with the new cam. i am very interested to know what happens with yours... sorry this happened to ya.

Mike is a busy boy, and his wife Jenny runs the office.

I can only imagine the holidays have created some small amount of chaos for him as well. Keep trying, he IS the man.

He has repaired seized/spun cam journals for yz-f heads for me.

I also noticed when bench shimming my 426 head the intake wouldn't spin freely until I tapped the end of it with a babbit hammer lightly.

I also am VERY careful with abrasive media in conjunction with a plain brg cam journal, careful cleaning sometimes will leave pockets of abrasive hidden resulting in catastrophe. Small bottle brushes through all reachable passages along with forcing solvent at pressure through the passages too will help. I also like to run FORM taps through all the threaded holes as opposed to cutting taps which remove material.

Hope this helps.



curious, i checked his site, what does he charge approximately to fix a cam journal or two? just how badly can a head be damaged before he can't fix it? i will try to email or call, but since you seem to have experience with him and he is busy now, i thought you might know.



Just got off the phone with Edco.. his wife, brit accent, very nice.. and very reasonable prices.. much cheaper than a head. she said, short of the head being cracked at a point they can't reach, they can repair it... thanks for the tip Bill!!!

:cool:My head is going to Edco on Tuesday!!! :)


great! let us know how it went for ya.. curious, was your head twisted at all, or just cam journal damage?

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