Need cylinder head for 1999 YZF / WRF 400!!

Kevin and James, glad to be of service.

His stage one prep includes port throat work and recutting the bowls, you will notice better throttle response and his work is all very reasonably priced.

Please mention my name to him, as a favor to me, I have been selling a lot of his work lately (not hard to do) and would like him to know so my friends,(Y'all), and I can get to the front of the cue quicker.

Bill Berndt


no problem, i did that when i spoke to her yesterday.. she knew your full name, all i knew was bill at the time... and like i told her, i HOPE i don't have to use their services, but if i do, i will take a drive to petaluma.. lol :)



You are in his enclosed letter in the shipping box.

In fact, I said you HIGHLY RECOMMENDED him. (red colour and all!)

This is THE place for head/journal repairs.

I was told my head is FAR FROM TRASHED!! :)

Along w/ the journal repairs, I am opting for their "Competition valve job" along w/ new seals.

Also Mike is putting everything back together for me. I DO NOT have a valve spring compressor, although I am quite sure I could do it myself. I actually started to reassemble the engine (cylinder) last night. I am having a slightly difficult time getting the wiper ring to fit correctly on the new Wiseco piston. Again, I have zero worries about getting this back together.

One thing though, I am installing brandy new YZF cams. My question is do I align them w/ the dots aligned, or do I align them w/ the 12 (13?) pins between them... :D





Timing the cams? Taffy timing of course:)

Sorry for the delay in replying... Yes, I'm still employed but the running joke around is "I've got a job for at least 3 months - until quarterly earnings are reported"....

Went to Jawbone for a few days at New Year's and got my fill of whoops for the next year. Going to try and run the '03 D36 Enduro series - C Vet. We'll see how that goes...



Any word on your head? What was the estimate on the repair of the cam journals and lifter bores? This is an interesting thread. It could save people some big bucks!

From Jenny at EDCo:

We checked out your head and it is far from trashed, - here is the estimate/recommendation:

Cam journal repair - $95.00

Competition valve job - $166.00

Assemble springs back on the head - $48.00

New valve guide seals - $4.25 each = $21.25

You say you are short on power, for an additional $190.00 we would recommend blueprinting the ports. This combined with your big bore kit and the competition valve job will give you a noticable increase in power, aprox 10%.


Didn't you have some problems with enlongated lifter bores? Did Ed say they were okay?

Are you replacing the valves with stainless steel? I thought grinding the stockers is a no-no?

$143 sure is better than buying a new head. New head is always nice, but expensive anyway you look at it. :)

Glad to hear everything worked out for you!

I have noticed with the last few wiseco piston installs I have done the end gap needed to be tailored, just an fyi.


i will be taking my head in to ED in a couple weeks myself.. ah well, definitely better than a new head...

thanks again for the tip.. will let them know again you recommended them to me..


Finally received the head back from E.D.!!

I started this whole project sometime back in Nov time frame!

Remember, the cylinder was sent to Eric Gorr for the 420 kit. Eric had it for quite awhile.

Then the head went to E.D. for refurb.

Now that it is a balmy -10F :) at my house, the winter riding is...let's say...unparalleled to say the least.

It won't be for a bit before the bike is assembled. I am VERY CURIOUS of my new found performance. Since I rode it last, here are the changes:

420cc displacement, up from 400cc.

Vortex Ignition

Repaired valve train (intake cam WOULD NOT turn by hand)

James Now mod to intake bell

Coil on plug setup

re-vamped carb settings

>> I am VERY TEMPTED to bring the bike in to get the carb dyno jetted...

New gasoline :D

I'll post on results when it is ridable (~ 2 more months of this brutal weather??)

So do you think it will be together for the spring East Coast TT ride?


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