my 99 yz400f is getting no spark

i washed my bike today, and i started it right after i washed it, it ran for about 10 seconds, and then it quit. i checked to see if its getting spark, and no spark. we put a fresh plug in 5 days ago. im thinking that something got wet and shorted out when i started it. please help. thanks bubbaisthebest.

Dry the coil wire and plug boot off with a carb cleaner that contains alcohol, such as Berryman's B12, or with rubbing alcohol. See if that takes care of it

the spark plug was getting spark, i found out the hard way, by holding the base of the plug and kicking it over, but the end of the plug must have got messed up. i just put in a new plug, and she fired right up on the first kick. thanksd for replies, bubbaisthebest

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