stripped out

went to add 2 disks to my white brothers e series, the first screw i took off stripped out. should i just go for it and hope the others dont? or just stick to the amount of disks i have? maybe willing to trade (stock yz?) to someone that is willing to try to re-tap if there is more than one stripped thanks guys keith

I had a similar problem with mine only I caught it before it got stripped. It appears on mine that if you install more than a few discs the screws have a tough time getting through all the holes and it had flattened the threads on the screws. I damaged 2 sets of screws and had a difficult time removing them. The fix was to get new screws and I drilled out the holes in the discs by a few thousands to give some extra clearance. This may save your other threads and if you can get the insert out maybe have a nut welded to the backside.


Keith, I'll sell you my WB e-series if you like what you have, or If I were you, I'd contact WB and see about getting a new insert at the back of the pipe. I'm sure it can be replaced.


i had same problem,also.i bought hardeded bolt and havent stripped any since.the one problem with drilling out bolt holes in discs is you can screw up spacing.the metal that sticks out on back of each hole is what spaces discs apart.

i almost forgot you can get stripped bolt out by using torx bit slightly larger than allen head.just hammer it into allen bolt head

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