P-38 for sale on Ebay

I just saw a R&D P-38 on Ebay if anyone is looking for one. It's under YZ426.

Looked on ebay under yz 426, not there.

save your money lads. if you like gimmicks and you've got too much money then fine!


My post said yz426 not yz 426. Tha space makes abig difference.....it's gone anyhow. :)

Ouch! Damn...I resemble that remark

Bonzai :)

I think the bidding got higher than a new one from MX south...

I hear ya....Ya know, only a true Idiot would bid higher than retail....

Some peoples children :D

Bonzai :)

What is a P-38 anyway?

It is the expensive, not adjustable version of the free BKMod.

Yamakaze, the "true idiot" got it for $61 and mx south sells them for $73.99. I sure wish that people would try to think of reasons why another rider would do something that others here don't agree with before they slam them. There are not many "true idiots" in this world; just poeple that have there own way of doing things--right or wrong. We learn from the mistakes of others and we learn from their sucesses. Just because a person does not want to permanatly alter their carb, but wants similar preformance as those that do alter, is no excuse for the content of this thread to flow towards ridicule.


That was my mistake. I thought I saw them for less than $60 at MX South (its been a while ago and it might have been a sale).

Still, Yamakaze makes a valid point: I was on ebay yesterday looking for entry-level metal detectors for the boys. There were numerous auctions for a particular model with a "buy-it-now" price of 19.95. You would not believe how many of them sold for well over $20 while 19.95 ones were still available... I managed to get one for 13.50 and the other for 12.50. Nothing like a bidding frenzy. And congratulations on the new p-38. Let me know how you like it.

I figure you must have won it or you would not have been quite so offended?...

Merry Christmas! :)

I hear ya Chaindrive, I have a buddy that just got a treadmill and hates the little thingy that clips to the ear to monitor the heart rate. I found a heart rate monitor that is a watch with a sensor on the face you put your finger and is suposed to show the rate. It was advertised as retailing for over $100 and a starting bid price of $19.95. Every one that this guy sold went for over $40. I looked the exact monitor up on the makers web site and the actual retail price "IS" $19.95. What a scam! This would make a good thread: ebay horror stories.

By the way, the guy that bought that p-38 must be one hell of a guy and I'm sure he's one hell of a rider. When I grow I want to be just like him. :)

Little defensive today are we???? If you don't resemble that remark what's the problem? If you pay more than retail on an item that is generally available through multiple sources, Sorry but that's just stupid.... :D

Country Singer Bill Engball Said it best in his #1 song....HERE's YOUR SIGN :)

By the way, you can get brand New P-38's from Jeff at MXSouth all day long for $65.00 if you ask for their bottom line best price. DRN Members also get free shipping on their orders.

Bonzai :D

Thanks for clearing that up for me Yamakaz. Also, I apriciate you finding my sign; I've been looking everywhere for it.

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