A bike for the wife?

My wife is looking to buy a bike but I am unsure what direction to head her in. She needs something that she can go on most places on and most importantly that she can handle. I have thought about a XR 200 but it might be to big and heavy for her. She also feels comfortable on the TT-R 125L but I don't know if she would out grow the bike very fast. Another bike she likes is the KX 100 but she doesn't really want a 2- stroke.

She is 5' 3" and 103 LBS if that helps any.Any advice would be great I am kind of stumped as to what would be the best bike.

One a better note, I am picking my 01 WR 426 up on Saturday!! I can't wait to kick it over for the first time. It's too cold to ride here right now but should warm up soon. ( I hope )

i gave my girlfriend a xr200 and it was way too heavy and tall. then i gave her a kx100- it was extremely too fast for a beginner. i could pull 4th gear wheelies no problem. if you have the money get a ttr125. i have ridden one and they are very friendly-kinda quick-real quick for a beginner and they shift soooo smooth. the kx fit her perfect and was very light but too fast. the ttr isn't that heavy for a thumper. i would say it's close to a xr100 but with muck better power and suspension.

I originally got my wife a TTR 225, big mistake. To big heavy and to many probs.

TTR125L!!!! YES!!!! The answer to my prayers. Great bike, easy to start, easy to handle, good power. Heck if your wife grows out of the power by the 150cc kit. BBR sells just as many after market goodies for the 125 as they do for the YZ/WR!


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Got my wife an XR100. It is great for a timid/novice rider. First gear is so low that you can actually stop without pulling in the clutch :) I expect the TTR-125 would also be a good/better? choice.

My wife and 12 yr old both ride a ttr125l. It is a good bike for the wife, low seat, tractable engine, but my son rides it too hard, the chain has come off too many times to mention. Even with a good o-ring chain and constantly keeping it adjusted to specs. It seems to have too much travel for the chain rollers and guides. The last time it fell off because he picked up a stick. The rear chain guide doesn't wrap around the chain. The engine cases have been broken once and repaired, but not with Yamaha's help, when the chain comes off there is no protection at the engine. Buy a Yamaha and don't expect much help from the factory. Buy a Honda and they will bend over backwards to help. Just my experience, I now own 2 Yamahas, my first 2, Ive had at least 20 Hondas.

I gave my wife a KTM 620 hoping she'd ride it off the side of a cliff in 6th gear.

Highly reccomend anything over 600cc..."You'll be right dear...it just needs plenty of throttle to get you moving along nicely"

LoL! ahhh well I reckon if they did'nt have a &%$#@! Youd throw rocks at them.

I know thats not constructive feedback, but its not far off the truth! :)

I'm 47, and my wife-to be is 54. I would like her to share my love of dirtbikes as well, so I'm in the market for a bike for her. She has never ridden a dirt bike and is scared to death of these things. She saw me take a fall recently in a M/X race with a rib soreness result and now she's scared to death of these things. I thought that the ideal bike would be an XR100 for her to learn on, but now, she's terrified of dirt bikes. Geez, I wish I would not have crashed for her to see!

I have a wife and a daughter that both ride. I found that in the begining only one thing really mattered, "the bike must be easy and inspire confidence". Slow and steady untill thier ready, it's a good rule of thumb for women. Granted most women dont hurt themselves on a daily basis like alot of men(cuts,scrapes,bloody knuckles)so it stands to reason that pain is not viewed the same for most women. If they learn on a bike that scares them they probably wont ride again! My daughter learned on a PW 50 at age five, a great time for her, my wife learned on a xr100 at age 30, big difference in learning curves. Just don't push them and let them go at their own pace,it takes a little while(a year or two)but you should see the $hit eating grin on my wifes face when I'm waiting for her at a turn off or y in the trail. Just bought her a new xr200 last weekend and she wants to ride so bad I can practiclly get away with anything right now.

I have an 01 WR426, and it is an awsome bike hope you like yours.

I bought my wife a TTR-225.It is very heavy but it has electric start and is shorter than the XR 250 that she was riding. She really likes it. She hasn't ridden it for 2 weeks and it was hard to start yesterday? Not sure why.

JBM, that is exactly the part yamaha should have installed on the ttr125l. I'm ordering one today, thanks , mike

JBM, thanks for the info. i'll check it out. mike

My wife also has a TTR225 and it was very heavy for her at first but after a while she got used to it. She got to the point where I didn't have to pick it up for her after she dumped it. The trick to starting it especially cold is NOT to give it any gas. If you do and it is not starting turn the screw at the bottom of the carb to dump the fuel out of it. Let fresh fuel to flow back in the carb and start it again don't touch the throttle.

I opened this thread up thinking you were trying to trade your wife for a bike.....figured if you were having any luck - I'd offer mine up in trade for an older "pit bike" :)

(just kidding dear)

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I think the wife is going to get a TT-R 125L. I think it will be a good bike for her to learn on, and build her confidence. Thanks for all the advice guys.


Glad I could help.

I'm thinking about getting the wife the 125L as well.

My wife has the XR200 and she loves it.She is 5'4" and can touch fine.She can keep up in the woods .I'd get the XR ,but not if she just wants to ride around the camp.

Problem with TTR-225 turned out to be a fouled spark plug. Runs good now...


is a TTR125 site owned and operated by

a woman rider.

My wife and her two sisters all ride XR250s. But they have been riding for years. They are in the 5'7" range. It is a great handling bike that a woman can grow with and shouldn't be too much to handle if a beginner. Plus, they are fun to ride if your WR is in the shop or in pieces in the garage.

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