bk mod

hey guys i need to do the BK mod, but i know if i do it im going to mess something up.. so is there anyone that lives anywhere near riverisde CA that is willing to help a guy out im willing to pay or just get a 12 pack and help out let me know thanks keith


As long as you are confident with a drill, like most red blooded men, this mod is a breeze. And once you do this you'll feel more <font color=red>beta about doing other mods/additions. I did mine with the common fright of fawking the carb up but everything worked out just fine.

Do a search. There has been plenty of pictures posted to aid you in your process.

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Just FYI on the drilling

Make sure you place a small steel stop between the exit wound and the plastic Thinga-Ma-bob.

The drill will break through and cut into the plastic thinga-ma-bob

a hack-saw blade works great

Yeah I felt the same way about doing it. Thanks to Mike Carpenter's (mcarp) help I got mine done. Since then I have done two of my buddies carbs and actually it is pretty simple. As long as you have some drilling capability you will be fine.

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