Starting the bike...

When I first bought my 98' WR400F, I have no starting problems... I need not pull the choke knob out... now, I have to pull the choke knob in order to start the bike.

After warming-up the bike, when I rev the engine, I notice black smoke coming out of the exhaust... But after riding a bit, the smoke is gone... This all happen in the first start of the day... Why??? :):D :D

difficult one to answer that!

i would say that the smoke when it starts is because you tryso hard and for so long to start it.

so why doesn't it start? well the technique is a big thing with these machines and it's a point that doesn't get mentioned too often on this site or anywhere for that matter.

i think you should get a #60SJ and meet other WR riders to discuss the starting technique.


Maybe you should try cleaning your carb.

Clean carb fire up easily.

Not to brat... but I have no problem starting any thumper (all 4-stroke)...

That kick out the "starting technique problem" anymore ideas?? :)

I believe that the WR/YZ family has a starting technique that is unique to other 4-stoke bikes.

Here is my drill:

Depress the kickstart lever until it resists;

pull in your decompression lever and push the kickstarter down no more than 1 inch;

release the decompression lever and allow the kickstarter to go to its' highest point;

then kickstart the bike in one long deliberate motion, gaining speed throughout the stroke.

Use the choke when it is cold; use the hot-start if the bike has gone down. The procedure is simple, but I believe that it MUST BE FOLLOWED EXACTLY.

Good luck, and I hope that you overcome the starting issues.

Have you checked your spark plug? If it's even a little bit sooty, that will affect starting. The way your bike clears up after riding is exactly what was happening to my bike before I changed my spark plug--which by the way needed changing because my air cleaner was dirty causing me to run rich. I hope it's something simple like that.

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