Please Help! Red-Hot Exhaust Pipe!

Hello everyone I am sort of new to TT but I read the posts quite a bit. I have a 01 WR 426F. The other day I rode for a few hours and at the end of the day I was messing around popping wheelies and went a little far back. Ooops! Well I got up started it up and everything was running fine. The next week I decided to do the gray wire mod. I did it and got everything put back together. It was nighttime before I was done and started it up for a few minutes then I rode it around the block and I noticed the exhaust pipe coming out of the engine was red hot! The only reason I noticed this was because it was dark and I could see the glow from underneath the bike. Is this normal? I only had it running for 5 minutes at the most and never got out of third gear. The next day I put the gray wire back together and it is still doing the same thing. I don’t know very much about this motorcycle but the basics and just wanted to get a few opinions before I take it into the shop. So again, is it normal on startup for the exhaust to be glowing red-hot?

No need to worry as it is common for the first 3-5" of header to glow at night. After I did all the cheap mods and rejetting to my bike, I eventually lowered the needle jet 1 clip to richen the bottom end. This also took away some of the glow to the header.


Hey thanks for the advice! Just a little worried because it was the first time I had ever been out at night. Thanks again!

The dealer told me that the whole Yamaha YZ/WR line glows in the dark, well actually he said "you can see the header glow at dusk". So it's normal. But without the warning, it would have freaked me out. Hope I never get pinned against that exhaust pipe.:)

Yeah when I noticed it I thought, oh great what did I screw up! Well now I can ride this weekend! I agree, I don't want to get pinned underneath the exhaust pipe either after seeing how hot it was.

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