supermoto front tyre rub

hi guys,

anyone had a problem with front tyre rubbing against fork guard holders when forks compress?

I have 03 WR450, and fitted talon wheels with correct spacer for brake side and original speedo drive, 17" tyre is 120/70.

Also 320mm " braking " disc runs very close to caliper bracket slot about 0.5mm one side and maybe 3mm on the other .ie not centralised in slot. Talon confirmed I have correct bracket TB14 and hub is correct 72295.

confused now

i never have heard about this. you have any pics?

Had a similar prob with yamaha motard rims and a "braking" brand caliper on a 320mm disc. Had to machine up a axel spacer to centre everything! You may also have to use washers to space your caliper bracket.

Ive got Talon motard rims on now and they seem to fit better but I still have the dedicated caliper, not the caliper extender bracket!

:ride: mine rub too, wr400f, 98`

just buy spare cheap fork guard sliders off ebay, talon gold hubs, morad blue rims,120 diablo corsas, beringer disc and caliper, i`ll post pics soon,

Thanks for replies>

roushxteam199, yes if I can figure out how to post them

Snakko88, agree was thinking that too about washers

wr400milky, did you consider thinner tyre,, are there other options than 120.. think my rim is 3.5,,,

Based in luton, any uk guys do track days ..did a few on sports bike and fancy doing some on SM

hi, thinner tyre, havin none of it,i`ve moved to greece now and need all the grip i can get,

i`ve moved from safest country in europe (road deaths per year)

to the worst, i don`t even go on road at weekend`s in summer, so many people die on bike`s here it`s shocking

so i`ll stick to back roads and the dirt,

good excuse eh??

had the same problem eith my 01 wr426, wore right through the guide, didn't seem to effect th function of the fork gaurds so i never did anything about it, the fork gaurd never fell of and i raced enduros on the bike for 2 more years after i noticed it rubbed through, so id say don't worry about it

yea, mine are rubbed thro, and i still have the spare one`s on the shelf, :thumbsup:

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