Wanted: XR650R Service Manual

If anyone has a service manual for XR650R and is willing to part with it, please let me know. I don't mind buying it, if it is less than the ~$50 that Helm, Inc. wants. With all the other money I have been spending on the BRP lately, my wife won't be pleased if I drop another $50+ on a manual.



You might be able to get one through Chaparral Motorsports. They wanted about 30-40 bucks for one. I went to get one a couple weeks ago and I think that is the price they told me. Give them a call or contact them through their website: chaparralmotorsports.com

Thanks for the tip. I checked, and it looks like they just have the Clymer manual.



Keo - I got the Helm manual a month ago and it is worth the money if you are going to do anything in depth on the bike. It is very thorough with good pictures.

Ok, I guess I will bite the bullet after the new year. I still have to buy a speedo, mirror, and a torque wrench this week....lol.

I bought the Honda 650R manual for around $65. They're pretty much a necessity and will pay for themselves in the long run versus hauling the bike to the shop. I didn't know much about wrenching on bikes and bought one for my 600 many years ago. Followed the step-by-step pictures and now I can pretty much work comfortably on most things except splitting the cases.

A few hints for wrenching on your bike: Grab the digital camera and take pictures as you disassemble it the first time. And after you remove a part, cover, etc, put the bolt/nut back on with a few turns so it doesn't get mixed up in the pile. That way you won't end up with all those left over part after re-assembly. :)

Digital Camera...awsome idea! Great for us guys with short term memory loss! Hee Hee! : :) Now, where did I put that gas tank?!

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