?s about buying a used head

I can get get a 03-05 head used for cheap. It has a problem with the cam journals. They will need to be welded in re-machined. Is this worth it or should I walk away. Was planning on rebuilding my topend this winter with copper valve seats, pc valve springs etc. thanks

Contact EDCo about prices and then decide as to the feasibility.

What are you doing with the bike that you have a reason to want different seats and springs?

I was going to rebuild the head thats on bike now. And use the other head on the bike so I could ride. For the price wouldn't I be better with the copper and the pc springs. Let me know what you think. thanks

The factory seats and Ti valves, when set up and machined correctly, last multiple 100's of hours, and the OEM springs (about $6 each) almost never fail in "ordinary" use by the typical recreational rider/private amateur racer. Unless you are building a pro level race bike, or a seriously modified flat track/sumo bike, I see no advantage to going outside of OEM parts, and several possible disadvantages.

I agree with Gray. Unless you are running a very radical cam profile that requires stiffer valve springs, you can't beat the stock springs (especially for the price). Stock valves and seats are relatively inexpensive when compared to aftermarket Ti valves, and last just as long, if not longer.

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