Black side panels for WR/YZ 426

Hi guys, I was wondering if anyone knows who makes black aftermarket side panels to fit a WR 426 '02 model and also whether YZ side panels are a bolt on fit? I've tried the Acerbis and UFO websites and they don't list black. Any ideas? Thanks, Chris.

Like these


Hi! no one makes them anymore. maier used to have

them but when i orderd black sidepanels, they sent me an e-mail about not making them anymore.

My girlfriend just had to have black sidepanels on her WR426 so i got "bumper spray paint" for plastc car bumpers, and it has been on for 6 months

now and no flakes yet!! good luck/Jon


I'm impressed......How the hell are you allowed to keep your bike inside the house and on the carpet?

Testers model paint. Clean serface really good. 8 months no flakes!!

Yeah i love keeping the girl in the apt. Im single so i can do whatever the hell i want!!! :)

Hey Mark_UK

where can I look at Polisport plastics? the webiste is under construction or something?

Let me know where to get them.

Thanks for your help everyone, i'll see if I can order Polisport at work, all the best, Chris.


wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong

i have black side panels and rad scoops

try polisport quality is pretty good and they are about half the price of acerbis or UFO


i orders some of mine from a local bike shop and some from Racespec here in the uk

how much were they. If i send you money can you buy them and ship them to me?

Alot to ask but worth a try?



they cost me hmmmmm [thinking] about half what acerbis would cost.

ill look up the price for you.

yeah if your send me the money im happy to buy em and ship them to you.

i should imagine shipping is gonna be pretty pricey though

just let me know please. thanks alot.

Chris l.

but not for the wr 400. they only have blue and white.

I think i got mine and everyone else's hopes up for nothing

trust me chris they do.

i ride a yz400

and they supply wr sidepanels as standard

my yz is sporting black wr sidepanels

email them see if they can help

ok heres my link to my secret moto part accessory store.he can get poli sport.i dont know about bulk buy they sell full pLASTIC KIT SO CHEAP I WOULD ALMOST BE EMBARRASSED TO ASK FOR DISCOUNT.but if you really want o do black side panel bulk buy.let me know and ill call owner and see what he can many sets do you want so far?whoever is in charge of bulk buy i suggest you let me call they owe me a favor. you wont get better price on plastic kit anywhere [front fender,rear fender,sidepanels,radiator shrouds and numberplate $89]

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ok i just emailed letter to tony tucker [owner]i will let you know what he says as soon as i here from him.for other parts and accessories you can check out the online store

again on his website all i see is reflex blue and white.

i just talked to tony tucker and he said he cant get polisport anymore.he is going to do his best try and locate black sidepanels for you guys.if he does find them he will let me know.the manufactures make black and purple as special edition promotions he is going to check old stock to see what he has laying around

Jus tgot the new Chapparral catalog and they are advertising plastics in different colors, including black. Acerbis. So will be available from others I'm hoping :) I'm looking at the orange myself

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