Talon hubs for 2000 yz426

I found a set of wheels for a 1998 ATK 605 with talon hubs and am wondering if anyone can steer me to a list of part numbers for talon hubs so that I can compare? Or if anyone knows if they will fit?

Also, what in you opinion is the best value hub? Stock, Talon, RAD......?


I don't know what works best for you and what your aims are with the hubs. I got a junk set of OE hubs, rims from Excel, and Buchanan spokes cut. I made motard wheels for about $750 that way, and the parts list included new bearings and seals. I did acid-wash the hubs, and I could have dyed them Yami blue while I had them stripped, but didn't.

Get the TW numbers off of your ATK hubs and go to the Talon Website to compare numbers. You should have a TW700 series front hub and a TW600 series rear. The TW stands for Talon Wheel ( imagine that :ride: ) and the number represents the actual hub part number. Good luck. WD

Yeah, I am trying to build a supermoto setup as well. I will try to get the TW # from the seller and compare. Thanks!

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