somehow got air in line, read all the brake threads in forums.I did get some air out but i cant get a good feel on lever, only tip i havnt tried is compressing the caliper piston. Also there is 2 small black rubber or plastic particles in the resivor ,got one out , cant get the other . it is bubbling in resivor but under a clear plastic thing at bottom of resivor.thanks 07 wr 450

have some one pump on the brake and hold it. brake the bleeder. do that intil the brake feels good. dont run resovour dry or youll have another airr problem.

Try bleeding the brakes with the caliper higher than the master cylinder. It always helps me when doing a full brake fluid replacement ( I usually work too quickly with my mighty vac and let the fluid get too low and it sucks air).

tried your guys tips, sill not good. noticed several more little rubber chunks under clear plastic cover on bottom of resivor . im pretty sure thats the problem, but how do i clean them out ? is some rubber seal bad inside the master cylinder? do i need a new one? any help or advise will b great, thanks [ps the guy at the bike shop sold me motul brake fluid ,it doesnt say dot 4 but maybe motul is eating the rubber.but the brake frailed with the stock fluid]

I'd get a master cylinder rebuild kit for your yama shop. with all that rubber in there someting aint right.

keep the lid off the master cylinder...

open the bleed screw on the caliper... and let her run. gravity style.

keep the master cyl topped up and then close the bleeder screw and top up and put the master cyl lid back on.

hope this helps



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