Need a stock header and a stock WR exhaust can

I've got a '99 WR 400 with a mangled header and exhaust. So, any of you folks that have been rich enough to upgrade their exhausts do you have an extra stock header or can that you would part with? Will the newer WR 426 pipes fit on a WR400? Can you mix and match them? Getting one of those new shinny cans would be great! :)

Funds are limited though :D

Thanks in advance!

[ June 04, 2002: Message edited by: KerryT ]

PM'd you!

Check E-bay there was one on there yesterday. I dont remember the link. I had just searched for YZ 426 and the WR exhaust came up also.


Check your PM.

dude, i just took one off my 99. its complete including the heat guard,the only thing is that i changed the end insert a little. i've run the pipe both ways with and without the insert. i just put an e series on today and all i have to do is clean up the old one....not sure at the moment of amount$ let me know if your interested?

I'd sell you mine but you never call or write anymore.

Actually, I need to keep mine in case the man comes down on the noise level one of these days. I'll keep an I out for you.

Check out the post by tk421.

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