Jetting WR450 08 same as in the FAQ?

i have read the FAQ and it mentions the jetting but does not really relate to the year. Are all models the same or has it changed?

Another question. The bike cam e with one set of spare jets (in brakets the original according to the FAQ)

main: 175 (org. 165)

Pilot: 50 (org. 45)

Pilot Air jet: 110 (org. 80)

Starter jet: none (org.65)

Leak jet: 45 (org. 50)

What are these for and why is the difference so big? Did anybody ever use those jets?




Thanks, i would buy it any second but i a not sure if someone can ship it to Tanzania / Africa (south of where Obama has his roots). So unless he becomes President and makes all of East Africa into state 52 (not sure how many states there are ;-)...:ride:;):p ..... i could go on and on about the frustrating fact that i can not buy parts here in Tanzania.

Serious. It does not really say how many jets are in there but i assume more than one. I have read the forum and most people use that kit for their settings. I will try and order it. Maybe someone will accept my German MasterCard.

One important thing is that i do not want to increase fuel consumption because we do go on long rides over 250km in the bush and it is vital to consume as little as possible and have a big tank (which i also need to order)

For now i am trying not to ride that much and i am waiting with airflow mods such as air box snorkel, exhaust and so on until i have at least a 168 or 170 jet at hand. So far,

// just for info. I am riding mostly at sea level and temperatures at around 80-100 Fahrenheit (never colder unless we go on a long trip into the mountains but then its never colder than 65... when it get s colder i dont ride ;-)



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