quiet please (another exhaust system post)

The FMF "Q" is pretty quiet, quieter than a stock YZ, much quieter than an uncorked WR, and world's quieter than the typical aftermarket pipe. I'll assume you are referring to this FMF model. The "quiet core," or whatever that thing is called, is IMO still louder than stock YZ, which I believe is said to be around 99 db.

I never put my FMF Q on a meter, but I parked my Q-equipped YZ next to a stock 520EXC and it was just as quiet at idle but a bit louder under a load, especially as the revs climed.

I would think that whether or not the Q is below 94 db would depend entirely on the nature of the test (distance of the meter and rpms of the motor). As popular as the YZ/WR is I would think you could call the organizers and ask what pipe will allow your bike to pass.

Finally, please don't take my opinion as any sort of endorsement on my part of the FMF Q pipe, which is IMO the biggest pile of overpriced, overhyped junk I have ever attempted to put on my bike. I think it represents a bad design put to shoddy manufacture and sold via questionable performance claims (it kills the top end, but claims to add 1 hp). :D

That wouldn't be so bad, happens all the time, but in my case the damn thing fell apart. I didn't believe the power increase hype, I just wanted a quiet pipe, and it was, but it is poorly thought out and its length and weight are not sturdily supported, and it fell apart after about 20 hours of use.

Hope this helps. :)

I totaly agree with Hick,i bought the FMFQ for my YZ so i could do my part in keeping the noise down.The first thing i noticed was the price WOW,second,after getting the thing and trying to mount it the can clamp system with the strap and two o-ring thing just plain sucks!!After finally getting it in place i started it up it was definatly quieter with out a meter hard to say what DB range but quieter than the stock YZ pipe.Then i rode with it FMF claimes one HP increase well,my butt dyno tells me it just plain sucked the life out of my bike,now i know this is not an mx pipe and you must give up one thing(power)for another(less sound) but i ride in the woods alot an i like the stock powerband, man,i just don't like this particular trade off so i'm going to buy the pro-moto billet end for the stock pipe and experiment to see if i can quiet it down a little and not loose so much power.as far as it falling apart i havent left it on long enough to tell.so after this glowing report anyone want to buy my little used FMFQ silencer???


I dont think I want to buy your FMFQ... but Id love to hear about the pro-moto end when you mount it up!

I find myself in need of a USFS approved spark arrestor / silencer since our WR's up here in Canada are euro spec. Since I will be going to the Six Days of Michigan it also needs to be quiet to make the 94dba rule. I'm not a big fan of disc systems so I'm leaning towards the FMF silencer but I hear rumours that their system does not meet the hype on the sound issue. Any suggestions.


I have a White Bros E-Series/Hawkins Quite and an FMF Power Bomb SX head pipe. Seat-o-the-pants-o-meter says there is very little performance difference from the uncorked stock WR system, but I tend to be more of a lugger than a screamer. I have never been sound checked, but mine seems a little quieter than my buddy's '99 with the stock exhaust. I doubt my system would pass at 94db unless I started taking out discs, which would probably reduce performance.

I believe the little chamber on the FMF Power Bomb acts like a resonator and helps to reduce the sound output.

I originally bought the FMF Q can. But I returned it without ever running it because the fit was so bad.

I run a FMF Q and Powerbomb 93db, 1700 hard trail and desert miles and it's still holding up great.

1 re-pack.FMF sent the powerbomb header n/c after I complained that the Q by itself was still 98db.

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