Im stumped. somenone help me please

My 98 wr400 with all the free mods is giving me some trouble. When I got back out to Colorado after being in Ny for the spring, the bike wouldnt start. It would turn over for about 5-10 seconds then cut out like it wasnt getting any gas.

I pulled the carb, cleaned it ( a few times) put fresh gas and oil in it and a new spark plug. Once I put the fresh gas in it , it started right up and ran beautifully. let it run for a few min, shut it down and started it again. again, started right up. Being the smart guy I am, i jumped on and took it for a spin around the block.

After two min or so, started giving it a little more gas, still good. Once i punched it though, i got to third gear and the bike backfired once and died. Wouldnt start. had to push it back to the house (its not fun pushing a bike up hill at 9000 ft. )

Im at a loss as to what to do next. Any suggestions? thanks guys


the backfire sounds like a lean condition. Have you been able to started since? I would look into floats. Perhaps sticky needle?

i didnt change a thing with needles, and it ran fine last summer. I guess ill pull the carb .. again. maybe something got in there. Im to the point where im just going to load it up and pay someone else to do it.

thanks for the reply

just tried to start it. nothing.

Got it, one of the electrical connections came apart. once back together started in one kick. thanks

Start with the basics. Turn the petcock off and pull the fuel line. Turn petcock on to make sure gas is getting through the petcock. If gas runs out as it should, put the fuel line back on the carb and open the float bowl drain screw. Let the gas run out of the drain line for a while. If it stops flowing out of the drain and the petcock is on, the float bowl is not getting gas. That would mean the needle and seat that the float opens/closes is not opening for whatever reason (float sticking in the up position?). Were you just idling in third or were you on the gas when it died? If you were just idling, check for a plugged pilot jet.

Good luck.

Got it, one of the electrical connections came apart. once back together started in one kick. thanks

Glad you got it running:applause:

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