A couple questions

I have recently purchased an 05 yz450f and after riding it the shocks are to stiff, which of the adjustments on the top of the fork tube can I use to soften them up or am I going to have to get them revalved?

Wheres/whats a good place to get a manual for this bike?

Also what sproket/chain combos to you all recamend. preferably a combo that is ecenomical and durable.

Thanks in advance for any help.

On the fork, there is one adjuster on top (the center screw), the other is a bleeder screw to relieve air pressure after a ride (with the weight off the bike).

The top screw is for compression damping. Turn it out to soften, in to increase the damping. There is on the bottom of each fork, another such screw to adjust rebound damping. Out is more, in is less.

The shock also has adjusters. The rebound is on the left side of the lower shock eye, about even with the connecting link. Low speed compression is the click adjuster screw at the top of the shock. High speed compression damping is adjusted using the blue hex nut around the LS screw (not a clicker). All this is covered in section 3 in the manual.

Here are some guidelines:


A good place to get a manual is here, or rather from a site linked to from Common Threads, in the index:


The key to a truly long lasting, and therefore economical chain and sprocket combo is a chain that will not wear out and stretch, and then wear out your sprockets. I recommend the Regina ORN6. DO NOT pressure wash the chain. Spray with Simple Green and hose it off instead, then lube with a non-tacky chain lube such as Maxima Synthetic Chain Guard.

When properly adjusted, cleaned and lubed, these chains will last a very long time (I get around two years out of them), and they will allow the use of inexpensive rear sprockets like JT or Sunstar without destroying them in 6 months. Don't be tempted to buy Renthal rear sprockets unless you just need to use something cheap so you can have a lot of different sizes. They don't wear very well. When I buy for myself, I prefer Tag rear sprockets and Pro Taper fronts.

thank you very much

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