Any utah boys out their?

whats up bro? i see you live in eagle mnt, i live in riverton. I do alote of rideing at 5 mile pass. i have a yz 426 and my brother has a wr 426, so i read both wr and yzf :):D

lets hook up some time ive got a bunch of us that do some awsome single track up af canyon let me know if you want in.Ever wed morning at 5:30 am.

If so were are you at? If not you should come ride Utah, its got some amazing stuff.

Where do you live in Eagle Mountain? I live in Overland Trails in the town center. There is a group of us that ride in the area and try to do a few desert races each year. There are a couple WR426F's, a couple YZ426F's, and some two strokers.

I live in the Ranches close to the new park Tinamous Rd. 3118> Stop by! My brother lives right next door, he's got a wr426. me and about 5 or 6 others go up af canyon alot riding alot of single track up their. It's good stuff!! Eagle mtn is a dirt bikers town , you can ride straight from your house.


I live in California, however, my parents live in Spanish Fork. I will be home on the 17th of june for a couple of weeks and would like to hook-up if possible.



Sounds good get in touch with me. Will plan something good! 801-514-3067cell Gary

Hey Utah boys! I live in Draper and do a lot of riding at 5 mile, the sand dunes by Delta, and in the St. George area (Washington). I love going up AF canyon but it's always so rocky. I am currently recovering form a broken leg I got at the dunes the last part of April and I am looking forward to getting back on the beast and going riding towards the end of June or so. Let's get a group and go out! I have a 2000 WR400F.


Get that leg better and we'll hook up. AF canyon has got some great smooooth single track also!!!!

A bunch of us are going up AF in the morning. Come join us if you want. Meet at Timpanookie campground at 6am. Or call me for info. 514-3067

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