2006 yz450f oil changing

hey guys i just bought an 06' yz450f and of course no manual...can someone run me through the oil changing process? im am new to 4-strokes and dont know exactaly what to do? for one thing when your checking the oil level do you screw the dipstick all the way in to check it or just set it back in the hole? i have heard that some bikes only like certain oils, i bought maxima 10w 40 50/50 senthetic is that good? thanks

Here's where to go to solve your manual problem:


The process of draining the oil goes roughly like this:

> Start and run the engine for about a minute or so. Not strictly necessary, but a good idea.

> Remove the dip stick to vent the oil reservoir. Leave it sitting in the hole, but completely unscrewed.

> Drain the oil reservoir at the drain plug on the left side under the ignition cover.

> Drain the sump at the drain plug neatly concealed behind the frame rail, below the kick starter on the right side.

> Remove the oil filter. Replace it or clean it if it is a stainless reusable type. Replace the cover.

> Pour in a quart of oil, then add an additional 60cc. Screw the dip stick in place.

> RUN THE ENGINE for about one minute, allow it to sit for about 30 seconds, and check the oil level.

> When checking the oil, the dip stick must be wiped off, then inserted into the hole, but NEVER screwed down (no matter what you heard).

Failing to remove the dip stick before draining, or to drain both volumes, or to run the engine up before checking the level will result in getting the oil level wrong, probably way too high.





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