WER + dealer = oil leak?

you have been reading TT for a year and now you figure that one out.?

I guess you are saying the dealer drilled into the frame oil tank to mount your damper, and now it's leaking, right?

If so, I'm sure he blew plenty of metal chips into the hole too.

Are these things supposed to be mounted by a rivet?

I guess you could try to remove the rivet (which must be a huge rivet to hold a damper on!), and seal it with silicone. Maybe a better idea would be to weld up the hole and mount the damper bracket by welding as well.

Aren't those dampers supposed to be welded anyway?

Wel over the last year I've been using the search function before posting (turns out that I always found an answer, so never had the need to post) :)

Originally posted by dutchman:

Wel over the last year I've been using the search function before posting (turns out that I always found an answer, so never had the need to post) :)

We should give you some kind of award for that, a quick scan of new posts on any given day indicate that quite a few folks aren't aware of the search function.

As a rule of thumb I presume all dealer mechanics to be complete idiots. The same goes for all parts counter guys, who are generally rude and illiterate in addition to being clueless. This rule has worked well for me, and I've yet to find a dealership that it doesn't apply to (at least in part).

Not to say i'm sticking up for the person that mounted the damper but,i installed my damper on my yz and the arm was at an angle when the bars were straight come to find out that i mounted it too far forward the opposite of your problem, at that point i called W.E.R they told me i had to cut the cable brkt off,i looked at the instructions and it says nothing about doing this, the instructions seemed rather vague, however just by looking at and understanding the bike and the relation to where the brkt must be mounted to the frame one WOULD have to be stupid to mount it to the oil tank.i would take her down to the bare frame and weld up the holes and redrill them yourself its not that hard to do,dont forget to drain and flush the oil tank.

also, Hick, while i do agree that in every job some people just don't take pride and should do a better job.understand that the bike industry at least at the dealer level doesn't offer the most well paid positions so you don't get quite the professional level people that other jobs may have.speaking from experience(survived 20 years in the bike business)most customers that come in offer only vauge descriptions of what bike they have,year,make model,and what part they need,i have said to be a good parts person you need to be a good detective,many sales go like this:

parts guy:hello sir how may i help you?

customer :yea i need a part for my bike.

parts guy:what bike do you have?

customer :aaahhh a honda

parts guy:which honda?

customer :the red one

you get the drift,after about 15-20 of these guys we can get a little crazy,with this in mind try not to be so harsh on us, as MANY of us really do try to do a good job.sorry to get off the topic.

love,peace and chicken grease


hey moto614!

my favorite is "i need a part for my 750 kamasaki dirt bike?" and you say what?than he takes you out and points to the oil capacity on his kx250 clutch cover and says "see,it says 750cc!".sometimes its more than you can handle! :)

Originally posted by moto614:

parts guy:hello sir how may i help you?

customer :yea i need a part for my bike.

parts guy:what bike do you have?

customer :aaahhh a honda

parts guy:which honda?

customer :the red one

Here’s how the last conversation I had w/ my local parts guy went:

Me: Yeah, I need a Regina O-Ring chain...

Parts Guy: Okay, what kind of bike.

Me: [sigh] Uhhh, YZ 426.

Parts Guy: Is that a Honda?

Me: [Groan] No. It is a Yamaha, just like that blue bike you have over there in the corner [pointing as parts guy turns around, ignoring my pointing].

Parts Guy: Sorry dude, it looks like the closest we have is a 520. Will that work on a 426??

Me: In a pinch. I’ll take it.

Conversation before that, over the phone:

Me: (enunciating crisply so’s not to confuse the guy) Yeah, I need an NGK CR8E

Parts Guy: What was that first part again?

Me: Uhh, NGK.

Parts Guy: What is that?

Me: Umm. NGK is a popular spark plug brand found on many Japanese motorcycles.... Say, is this the parts counter?

Parts Guy: Yes.

Me: The parts counter at Mr. Motorcycle?

Parts Guy: Yessir.

Me: Are you behind the counter right now?

Parts Guy: Yeah.

Me: Okay, turn around and look at the shelf behind you. About three rows from the bottom you should see a stack of small yellow and red boxes.

Parts Guy: Uh-huh.

Me: Those are NGK spark plugs. Just look for a box that has “CR8E” stamped on the end...

You should have seen the look on the face of my friend, from whose house I was making the call. Priceless.

I’m not making any of the above up, or even embellishing to add to the humor - it just ain’t necessary. To verify my story just call 915-544-BIKE and ask for the parts counter. Go ahead and ask for a Nippondenso, that should really stump ‘em.

Moto, I wish you were the local parts guy, then I would not have this problem. I don’t bother with my local guy any more, I either call Montclair or North County Yamaha, the idiot factor is much, much lower at both of those places. And whoever takes my order at NCY can see on their monitor how much $$$ I’ve spent there, so they are generally pretty polite...

On the other hand, a mechanic at NCY, when I asked him what THEY use to install a crank in a 426, given that the PNs for the tool listed in the manual added up to several hundred bucks, said, and I quote, “Just use a hammer dude.”

Of course! Why didn’t I think of that!

But I probably shouldn’t paint ‘em all with the same brush...

So here it is my first post :) (about time - been reading TT for over a year now. Best bike form on the information super highway)

So anyway to keep a short story short. Two weeks ago I had a WER dampner fitted by a dealer (so far so good). Went riding and noticed a oil residue on the frame (not so good). Upon inspection saw that it was coming from the bottom rivet holding the WER bracket onto the frame. Checked oil level and it was OK.

So basically the question is did the dealer screw up and damage my oil res or can this leak be fixed using silicon ( moral of the story: if you want something done right, don't let a dealer near it).

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