when riding along say third or forth gear and you come up on a ravine or a dich that is three feet deep, how do you get through it? i have tried to wheelie through but have a hard time lifting the front at speed, is there a trick to it? thanks for any tips

BIGANDY- my first question and comment is...is your bike "uncorked"? That will make a world of difference in the power needed to lift the front. I'm about 280#, and with the bike uncorked, I can pull 5th gear wheelies up to the balance point (not entirely with the engine, mind you). But, 3rd should for sure snap up pretty easily, and 4th shouldn't be too bad. Also, going by your handle, I'm going to assume you are a big guy. If you don't have the suspension set up for you, the bike isn't working for you. Either way, I'd say you want that front wheel starting to come up before you hit the ravine, assuming its not a sheer drop to a lower flat area. Take care.

When in doubt...GASSIT! :)

Compress the suspension, whack the throttle wide open and pull back on the bars in one smooth motion.

Ride on. :)

I put my weight back slightly, go WOT, then pull my weight back forward a bit as I'm lifting off while holding my breath and hoping for the best :)

I've also been known to slam hard on the brakes and sometimes lay it down for fear of the unknown :D

It's like taking a Lincoln Town Car down a country road. With enough momentum, you can get through any obstacle!

Upshift, give it all you got and close your eyes!

wow thanks for the tips first the brp has all the uncork stuff done and i road for two years on the stock suspension, wow what a differance 500 bucks makes on suspension :) this revine issue came up just before the suspension work and i did exacly what you guys have said wot, closed eyes and hoped for the best, it was not pretty but i stayed on the bike, sounds like wheeling for obstacles you have to be aggressive and commit to whatever action you choose, by the way the next time on this trail i was looking for it and grabed the bracks then tried to crawl through it, but i feel :D there is something to be said for going fast enough to keep your balance! thanks

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