River Crossings and Maintenance

Hi All,

I took my 08 WR, through a tight enduro trail this weekend, 4 river crossings, buried the front on a mud hol had a blast,:ride: My question pertains to maintenance, When i brought her home, i hosed her off, took her for a spin around the block.

this weekend ill clean her properly when i get time, the question i have is: after riding in water, what do I need to check? bearings, seals etc, do i need to dissasemble etc? I searched, but found limited stuff.


Sounds like you haven't done this yet, so in your current situation, I would definitely repack those bearings on the wheels, shock and swingarm - reason being, the factory only uses small amounts of grease - allowing water in.

Once you repack them properly, (you can even use marine grade grease to further help repel water)it won't be as necessary to repack them every water ride as long as you don't go near them with the pressure wahser.

I do mine every winter, but don't see a ton of water most of the time, if you're into water crossings, then you probably want to do more maintenance on them than me.

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