Attn No. Cal/ No. Nev Riders, I must sell my spot in the Mystery 250 this weekend!!!

Due to a family crisis, I cannot attend the Mystery 250 ride this weekend and need to sell spot/entry. The Mystery 250 is a annual ride organized by the Sierra Trail Dogs out of Nevada. It starts south of Carson City in a place called Wellington and goes to Hawthorne. It is 125 miles each way. The ride is limited to 125 riders. This year a few pros will be present to ride, but it is open to all skill levels. There were 12 year-olds and 65 year olds last year. There will be complete support from gas to repair crews along the way. At the end of the first day dinner is provided and a raffle is held. Hotel in Hawthorne is provided for all riders. The ride starts on Saturday June 8th and ends on Sunday. "Moredesert" from TT will be there to support the DRZ's as well as a host of XR forum members. I preregistered back in January so the entry fee was $125 (usually $150) and includes all trail support, gas, t-shirt, raffle ticket, dinner (sorry I think it is BYOB), and maps, roll charts etc. This ride has been sold out every year and was full back in February.

I am willing to take a loss in order to get rid of the ticket. Let's see how many of you are really diehards and can pull this kind of ride of at a moments notice. Believe me, it breaks my heart not to go. If you have any questions about the actual ride conditions, see this link or send a message to Moredesert. He rode this last year and will be there this year too. I can be contacted at 916-765-9402 if you want to go.

I feel for you. If I wasn't already committed to doing the Reno 200 I'd be all over this.


Thanks, a couple of people have called showing interest, so hopefully at least I can get some gas money to go some other time.

Sold. Thanks

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