TT Graphics...Need more input everyone

I'm back to working on the TT graphics and I went back and read all the posts from everyone.

There seems to be enough people who like the color scheme I came up with so I'm still using that as a base. Currently I've added the new TT logo and I'm contemplating other design ideas.

Now for the Question...

What I'd like to know I wasting my time making matching tank and shroud stickers? It seems there are a lot of Yamaha WR/YZ owners who have upgraded their tanks, or plain just don't like tank graphics.

I've received requests to keep all the graphics work on the shrouds only. Is this how everyone feels or just a few?

I still plan to make a rear fender, front fender tip, swing arm, and fork slider graphics to match my design.


Ben, here's my $.02

Yes on the tank decals, the YOT set on my 426 held up good (unlike ones I've had before) and they protect the tank from alot of abuse from my knees.

How about using the chrome/metallic look like the YOT dragon for the Thumper Talk logo?

yes on the tank. No on an integrated seat graphic (not that you asked) As I have said before. keep it simple. thanks for your effort.


I will buy 2 sets for sure (one for me and 1 for my friend) I ripped my old NCY graphics off last week and now my tank looks naked! I like the blue/yellow color scheme and dont make the tank integrated with the seat. Also since your going to all the trouble make sure the tank decals have holes (vents) in them so that they dont bubble up after a few rides. This is why I like the blue/yellow color scheme:


Thanks for making these, Im sure they will turn out great. Please post some pics when you get closer to being finished! Later,


I agree with making shroud and tank decals instead of just shroud decals. My tank decals peeled off and the bare fuel tank just don't look right.


the guys that want just the shroud stickers, can put on just the shroud stickers. Everyone else can mount both the shroud AND the tank stickers.

I WOULD NOT make two separate kits, [tank and tank/shroud].

"Please SOME of the people ALL of the time and ALL of the people SOME of the time", and WE ALL will be fine!! :)

Appreciate all of your effort, Ben!!

Hi Ben,

climbing aboard kind of late.

BUT when I read the suggestion about using more crome/silver in Your design -YES, YES, YES. If possible do that. Gonna look awsome against the blue of the rest of the bike.

And Yes to tank and shrouds (not seat) and the other areas You intend to design for - great job.



Thanks for putting your time and effort into this. Echo what Kevin said.

I would like 2 sets. Thanks bro.


Hi Ben,

I just came across this thread and thought I'd offer my help.

I own an advertising/design firm and have been in the creative business for along time. Actually I'm a far better designer than I am a rider (or wrencher for that matter). After personally benefiting from the wealth of knowledge on this forum I almost feel obligated to help out in a situation like this.

My firm has a digital imaging division with some pretty awesome equipment including some vinyl plotters, so I have some experience in this area. If you were looking for some help on the project I'd love to get involved.

Send me an email if you’re interested

You can check out my firm at:


Tim James

yes do the tank and shroud! just let us know when we can order. mike

Tank and shroud for me. When (approx. date) will they be ready?

Great, keep the responses coming. Glad to see everyone wants both.

I'm not certain when they will be available everyone. Still need to complete design work, but I may have found some help there.

I appreciate everyone's interest and patience. This is for TT, so I'm really trying to make it something everyone will admire and be proud to display on their bikes..


All the work is appreciated. But thanks for asking our opinions. lets some of us think we have a say in things. Thanks again.

Chris L.

Yes to the tank and shroud question. And I will definately order up a set when they become available. I too would like to see some chrome, metalic, or silver in it. Not that it matters at this point, but just thought I would say what was on my mind. Thanks, Maniac

Originally posted by armourbl:

This is for TT, so I'm really trying to make it something everyone will admire and be proud to display on their bikes..


Ben, Thanks for the hard work... I would love to have the kit on my bike.

cheers, Dan

Ben what programs or Template are you USING for your design.. Did u make the template yourself or did u find it on the net some where.. Could u let me know im really intrested in making a custom design for myself nothing against yours... Yours are pretty cool but i would like to do something that fits my tastes if you know what i mean.

I basically made my own trace of an existing graphics kit, then I used a graphics program to fill in the design.

I think you'll find this isn't an easy process and to get the same quality as the big companys it will cost you a fortune for just one set. It is when you begin to order multiple sets that the cost begins to come down.

Don't let anyone fool want a reverse screen printed graphic. You want at least 18 mil vinyl with a special 3M laminated adhesive that is resistant to gasoline.


on the vinyl how does it work 18 mil + or 18mil -

and it shouldnt be tooo bad i have a friend that owns a vinyl cutting buisness so im sure he will be able to hook me up..

I know a picture of the graphics were posted but I can't find them. Any chance of them being posted somewhere on the homepage or something? :)

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