grayracer, GOT TO HAND IT TO YOU

I started a post about the head pipe cylinder junction gasket. It protrudes into the exhaust port ,I temporarily used a O-RING ,just to test. You mentioned 8 gauge soft copper wire which by the way is a excellent idea. I went to Lowes they only had 6 and 4 gauge,I purchased the 6 gauge and made a gasket. Long story short the thickness of the 6 gauge just cleared the exhaust port,I mean just cleared it,too close for my comfort. I went to Home Depot and purchased 8 gauge made a gasket and it sits in the exhaust port with perfect clearance. How you pulled 8 gauge out of the air simply amazes me:thumbsup:

Just like a 2 stroke a 4 stroke needs to expel the exhaust gases efficiently.With a gasket that does not hinder the exhaust gases the 450 pulls longer with definetly more over-rev felt.The motor definetly feels thicker.

Hopefully the copper does not expand from use,like the KX's in the past did. The exhaust gasket on the KX's 2 stroke use to get really flat and thin with time. The stock YZ 450 uses copper on both ends inbetween the copper is some type of wire like steel wool. I am just running the copper gasket I made,we will see if it holds up. If IT LAST A GOOD 10 RIDES I WILL BE HAPPY,I PAID 1.80 FOR 2 FT OF IT. Which will get you about 5 gaskets.

gray again good call on the 8 gauge.:ride:;):p

Make your check payable to.....

Make your check payable to.....

LOL :ride:

So you guys put a piece of 8 gauge solid copper wire where the exhaust gasket goes in the head to seal it up? i may have to try this grinding those crappy exhaust gaskets out to fit the port sucks.

I have used high temp RTV and it seals up pretty nice but can be a bit messy.

Actually I was trying the 06 pipe on my 07,and stumbled across this,give it a shot and you tell me.:ride: I was running a 155 main before this mod very hot and humid.After I made a gasket it ran very good with the 160,was very suprised it ran clean with the 160.

Home depot 8 gauge soft copper wire,to make it perfectly round I used a Craftsman 1 1/4 INCH SOCKET wrapped the wire around on the bottom of the socket,it will almost be the same ID it needs to be. Than I grabbed my die grinder with a cutting wheel and cut a little more off to make it fit.

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