wr 426, drained oil, won't shift

i notice a coolant leak, did some research found out it was a common problem. drained the antifreeze and took the water pump cover off. i figured i would just put it in first and take the impeller off. that didn;t work, i had to take the flywheel cover off. i drained the oil and am now waiting for parts. i went to move the bike to the other side of the garage and noticed it was still in gear. i tried to shift it back to neutral, and the shifter moved fine, but didn't shift the gear. after moving it around a bit and playing with the clutch, it moved a bit and now it's stuck in gear and the shifter is stuck all the way up and won't move. i didn't notice any problem before. i rode the bike into the garage with no issue. i checked the arm and stuff at the bottom behind the clutch and nothing seems to be binding. any ideas? this is an 01 by the way.

Bikes don't like shifting at all when standing still, are you rocking or moving the bike when shifting? That should help.....

of course, as i said in my first post, i moved it around and played with the clutch. i rocked it back and forth and pushed it across the garage while holding in the decompression and trying to shift it clutch in and cluth out. no go.

Check to make sure your shift shaft didn't push in too far (probably your issue) because with the cover off it can push in some and pop off the cam pin... (look for the lever arm located on pic below between the two brass looking bolts - has oval hole in end - on pic my drawn in red shift stopper oval outline passes through it at bottom left of oval) - which can happen and it'll pop off the pin on the shift cam and can hang up above it, then there's the shift stopper (part 5) which - when it wears doesn't spin properly anymore - usually more of a problem on the roller bearing type but still - if worn, it could be binding - only way to know for sure is to remove it and look for play on the wheel.


a real pic of the stopper:


thanks. that was the issue. i haven't taken the cluth off, so i couldn't see it behind there. got it all worked out. you're the man.

my mate is missing the pin altogether, where would it likely be? and can you buy the pin seperately?

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