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Old school- XL250R Tank Compatibility?

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Hello all,

Been a while since I've been around here (especially these forums) but I've recently got back into riding more often and it feels good!

Anyhow, I recently got an 86? (I believe) XL250R dual sport, it was sitting under a tarp for years...got it for free. Cleaned the carbs, popped the head off to make sure every thing was decent and it all looked pretty good, some carbon deposits but everything was tight.

The only thing thats keeping me from riding it now is in the bottom right corner of the tank, water settled and rotted the tank from the inside out. I didn't find this out until after I did the "kreem" treatment, when gas started spitting out from behind the paint. Patched it just I could see if it ran, which it did very well, but that won't fly. The tank and some plastic missing is all thats wrong with it.

Question is, where can I find a replacement tank for it? Won't be on the road so doesn't have to be plastic. Will an older XR tank fit, or even come close? It IS an XL, has the dual un-sync'd carbs and from what I've heard different frame. Any insight is appreciated, I really want to get this thing running for good. Cheers. :ride:

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