Lighting question

So far I've installed an Eletrex lighting coil with a DDH headlight set-up and I'm not very happy with the poor amount of light coming form the head lights at low to mid r.p.m.

So my question is... is there any kind of "tickler" available to juice up the current coming from the coil that would give me a brighter light at the lower r.p.m. range? If not... what can I do to get the desired light?

To make matters worse, I rode with a friend who has a yamaha 250 trials bike and his head light almost set the woods on fire at all r.p.m. ranges. What makes his light so much brighter then mine?

In closing... HELP!

A quick check on the Electrex web page shows the YZ lighting coil is only 45 watts. Yes this is small.

The 98 WR400 has an 80 watt lighting coil and will suffer from headlight diming at idle speeds if the battery isn't at full charge.

With the 80 watt coil the battery would charge unless the bike was revved to the moon.

You need more watts if you want more light.

What coil did you buy. the 45w or the wr stator/flywheel kit that they have. The wr kit puts out 130wats. It is like $300. I made the mistake of ordering the 45w coil 1st then upgraded to the wr setup. Much better.


Ya I bought the 45w. As I found out now... It's a piece of junk.

Tell me about the 130w system you have.

Yea I bought that 45watt coil also. It worked ok to get by bike legal but that was it. I ended up getting a wr stator and flywheel kit from Electrex. They dont advertise it on the website for some reason. You have to ask them about it. I paid $300 for it. Its a lot of money but Im glad I did. Its much better. Im running a Acerbis Blitz headlight that comes w/ (2) 35watt hallogen bulbs. I upgraded it to (2) 50 watt bulbs and it works great.

The Wr setup is reworked by electrex to work w/ the yz cdi. you can buy the stator/flywheel yourself from yamaha and modify it. There is a pdf file on electrex's website explaining how to do this. It will save you like $50. I looked into it and decided to let them do it. It diddn't look like something that I wanted to do.

Its really easy to install. Just remove the stock flywheel, you will need a puller. Remove the stator and install the new one. reinstall the new flywheel. Plug in the stator to the stock wireing harness. Done.

There is a extra yellow wire that is the power coming from the stator. You will need a voltage regulator if you dont already have one on yours. The regulator has 2 wires. A yelow power wire that "t's" into the power wire from the stator and a black ground wire that you ground to the frame. I ran my ground to the coil. All the regulator does is bleeds off excess voltage to prevent you from blowing bulbs. Without the regulator you will blow your bulbs.

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