what does KTM stand for ?

Can anybody tell me what KTM stands for ?

I was told it means -Keep Throwing Money.

Just curious.

Kick Till Monday

Kill The Mother(**@%#@&(

Kant Take Much

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Kosts Too Much

"Kronreif, Trunkenpolz, Mattighofen"

The gents Kronreif and Trunkenpolz started a motorcycle company in Mattighofen, Austria. That's where the name comes from.

Visit http://en.ktm.at/set_index.asp to read about the history :)


way to much time on your hands buddy.


:) Kick it Ten Minutes of course! LOL

I heard it was KICK TILL MONDAY, i love that one!!! :):D

Wait a minute some one said that about the YZs!

i think it was a KTM owner too!!!

%$#@#*& ktm owners!!! :)

Yeah well... that's what happens when you sit at work twiddling your thumbs dying for at least an interesting post to show up :)


Keep Towin Me,Keep The Maico,Kawasaki Training Machine,Kill The Mechanic......you beat me to the others!

K an't ge T M y parts!

Head gaskets and valve cover gaskets for the rfs out of stock in the us as well as austria.


I can't even get the O-rings for the pipe on my wives 200.

Out of stock and no date for when they will be.

Is KTM going out of business again?

I love my asian steed!

Gay TM usually gets em

Buddy of mine has a 300 KTM. I call it "Kick The Machine". He calls mine YAMAHArd to start although I usually start in 1 kick if I can remember to turn the Baja Designs switch on. I hate wasting a good kick.


K)mart T)rail M)achine

K)etchup T)omato and M)ayo

How about, Kick Then Moto? Please fellas, get off your high horse about how good your Yamahas are. Bikes are bikes and it is the guy behind the throttle that makes all the difference. My 2 cents, Eric

Yeah but it's comforting to know that your on a YAMAHA.

Keep Trying Mate


Blue Boner


Your Name say it all :)

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