2008 or 2009 YZ450?


I am in the market to upgrade from my 2006 YZ450 and was curious what opinions you have on the 2008 YZ450 versus the 2009. I know there are very few changes between the two and wonder if it is worth buying the 09 or just find a dealer looking to get rid of their 08 inventory and save a little bit of money. What do you guys think?:ride:

No one has ridden the 09 yet. I have a 08 and the stock pipe is a must get rid of. I put a Yoshimura RS-2 on mine and with proper jetting my bike rips! I think in stock form though I was able to go faster, longer. I get pretty tired riding my bike now the way it is. But with the stock pipe I couldnt blast out of a corner and clear the doubles like I can now. The suspension is amazing. THe 09 is supposed to have a better pipe while still keeping it short, better turning and the swing arm has been replaced. So far the testers are giving better reviews then they did the 09 so maybe its worth getting the 09. Also if you get the white 09 it comes with black rims, something I am sort of upset about cause I really really really want black rims :ride:

Overall, I like my 08 and will ride it till probably 2010 or 2011 depending on what yami comes out with then

i would ride the 06 until next summer then buy an 09. Doing that with my 07.

if you have to buy a bike now, get an 08 and use the savings on goodies or sending your suspension out to be done.

if money isn't an object and you are just a baller, buy the 09 now...

08 with suspension and exhaust would be a killer bike and you could get it for cheaper then an 09.

I ride an '07 yz450, and i couldnt be any happier with it. But i'm lookin to get a new bike and have been debating the same thing. With all the fuel injected bikes coming out it seems like Yamaha's a little behind. But a couple things i went over that really swing me towards the '09 yam are:

-Fuel injections new, they still have kinks to work out.

-Yamaha's stuck with what they know and have perfected the 450.

-A carbureted bike puts out more horsepower than fuel injected.

-Yamaha has a better contingency program for 2009.

-I have been raised blue, and my riding style jives with the bike.

-Those new black rims look dead sexy.

...and stewarts on yamaha...ha! another championship's coming!

...but anyways It really depends on the rider. if you liked the '08 yz450, the '09 guarantees you the same performance if not better with the certain improvements they've made and Im gonna stick with what i kno. '09 Yamaha 450=Perfection


-Fuel injections new, they still have kinks to work out.

You haven't seen the EFI YZF's so you don't know if there are any kinks.
-A carbureted bike puts out more horsepower than fuel injected.
A gratuitous assertion, unsupported by fact.

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