Call me lazy, but do we really have to do all of the rutine maintenance called for in the manual. i have a cdn. 01 wr426, and i haven't done any engine work on it since new, or about 2500 miles (aside from the regular oil and filter changes, valve clearance checks and some jetting work on the carb) i am just kind of thinking of doing the top end over the winter and maybe replacing the piston and rings. i was just wandering if is necessary to do the top end or should i just leave it alone as it is running great! also has anyone done their top end and found anything wrong with it? thanx. matt.

Just leave it!! mine has 6000 ks on it no worries, another guy here "sabin" has over 10,000 ks on his, untouched, Keep your oil and fiters up to it and keep checking those valve clearences!! :):D

Yep I confirm ... and that was HARD 10000.

I was also thinking to replace the rings at first, but then I asked myself why? I'm not loosing oil, no smoke, great compression, so unless something changes I'll not change anything!

However I had some rust in the steering bearings, not from the bearings but from the metal part of the seals. There was very little grease in there. I have also read a lot of stories of the missing grease in the linkage. I also think that you must change your fork oil and brake fluid from time to time. Some people change their brake fluid together with the oil change. Also it is important to check the nut holding the flywheel. I put two dots, one on the nut and one on the flywheel so I only open the cap and look for the dots alignment.

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