Bike Dilemma..........need input

Hey all

I'm looking at buying an 00' 400. I had an 01' 426 that got stolen. I'm still looking for an 01 or 02 but haven't located one yet, a new 450 is probably not an option for me as availibilty and cash come into play. The 00 400 is in great shape very well maintained ( the owner is a good friend ). What am I looking at in differences bw the 400 and 426 besides the obvious 26cc's? Do you think I will be disappointed with this bike after owning a 426? All comments are appreciated

Peace Peace

Bummer about having your bike stolen...

I think the 426 was just an evolution of the 400, and the 01 and 02 models were just evolutions of the 00 model. Sure, there are differences, but nothing major, or none that haven't been documented here on TT... depends on your urgency, but maybe wait a month or so... once the WR450's are in the shops, people will be selling more 01 and 02 bikes... could be more to choose from soon...




Sorry to hear about your loss. I will say this: My 400 has been YZ timed, has most of the after-market parts, and the bike rips!

A couple of weeks ago I rode a couple of 426's (one with a White Bros. "EE series pipe, the other with an FMF) and other than that, they were bone stock.

The suspension was a little more plush, and the carburation was more "crisp", but other than that, they were the same bike. I maybe even thought my YZ timed bike might take 'em in a drag race. If you find a nice clean 400, I say go for it. The difference is minimal.

Hey Banffboy, send me some pics of your stolen bike and any descriptions that are unique to that bike and I'll keep and eye out for it. I'll pm you my e-mail. Sorry 'bout the loss. WR Dave.

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