any way to make an 02 wr426 pass smog so i can have a green sticker.. just temporarily ya know put the crap on smog it get the green then take it off... Anyone...

i have a 91 toyota,i think the catalytic converter will fit wr426 with a few minor modifications.your welcome to borrow it just give me pm with your address.i'll send it right out.you can borrow the air filter tub and heat riser tube also.i suggest you have 2 or 3 rolls of duct tape on hand for this modification.

dude are u serious....

egoahole can tell you exactly how to make stuff fit.i let him borrow the stuff a couple months ago.he got his smogged no problem

get out the shovels boys. it is getting deep in here.

No its true absolutly true

Only thing is I have a yz and freestyle the wr so I had to weld a differant bracket to hold the cat to the subframe.

The guy at speedy oil and tune up thought I was nuts but it passed first time. I couldnt believe it

To Add:

Since then I found a smaller Cat from the Toyota mr2 it tucks right up next to the seat, But I can not keep the Number Plate on

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did u take it off or is it still on your bike.. if its on your bike do u have pictures.

Actally it is off but I can put it back on no problem and take pictures

It may take me a day or so

i need to see that. lol

If were getting this much atten on it maybe freestyle and I can market it and over discounts to TT'rs that are intressted

ego i was just thinking the same thing.im going to go polish the air cleaner and catalytic converter if were going to be taking pictures.when marketing new product presentation is everything.get your camera ready

<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">C</FONT>alifornians <FONT COLOR="#FF0000">A</FONT>re

<FONT COLOR="#FF0000">R</FONT>eallystupid <FONT COLOR="#FF0000">B</FONT>astards

Hey Ego,

Did those characters at speedy oil & tune try to sell you a crappy new air filter when they smogged your bike?

Hey Ron,

Amen. We're on the same page here. I knew you'd be here to comment, I just didn't know when. LOL!


The only way:

Trade it in on a 520EXC/G


I'm in the same situation :)

me and ego,almost got smog conversion complete.were working a better way to route egr valve.sit tight isbb ,pics are on the way.you might want to call DMV and setup appointment for registration.



how did You route the Harman Kardon Wire? I was thinking through the loops on the snider bracket at the left outletport! And if You need a new piston return spring I have one from Flextronic wich will increase the returnspeed of the piston with 15.7%!!! and using those electronic valve pushers from Cyberdyne and the lifters of a 426 Hemi will add another 8.2%.

Just let me know and I will post the part# for the lot.

///Fast Freddie (if anyone remembers him)!!


DId I send you back the piston return spring with the kit, I think I missed placed it.

Anyway I have a new bracket welded up to accomidate the heat sheald that is need to keep the right bun from pretty much burning off.

Remember thos test runs



how did You route the Harman Kardon Wire?

Up and around the high-port return near the flux heat return. It all in the pics I will be posting Hopefully today

I was thinking through the loops on the snider bracket at the left outletport!

Actually we did this at first butt it caused to much turbulance in the down draft inhibitor so we opted for the high-port return route

using those electronic valve pushers from Cyberdyne and the lifters of a 426 Hemi will add another 8.2%.

In reallity the AMC Hornet Lifters worked alot nicer and fit without alot of grinding, I found the Cyberdyne Customer Service Not Helpfull at all , So Freestyle and I manufactured our own out of some old Kirby Vacum cleaners

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