Panoram billet protector

I think that my wife got me a Panoram computer for X-Mas (asked for one anyway!)and I will be getting a billet protector for it. Just wondering if anyone has any input as to whether I should get the one that mounts in the stock location or the handlebar mount. Pros, cons, etc. Thanks!! :)

Highly recommend.I am using the handlebar mount. Very trick,easy installation,great visability and will take a big hit.You won't be disappointed. :)

I have the one that mounts up on top and I love it. Puts the info right out where I can see it. I run ProTapers so I just cut my pad to go around the mounting legs - almost looks factory. I run the Thumper Racing +1.5" bar risers so I can't even see the stock mechanical odo so that TrailTech mount wasn't an option.


:cool:I have renthal Fat Bars........I use the stock billet probs re seeing it or using it and it's nicely tucked away :)

I would say that you should get the one YOU think is the best ..


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