07 yz skid plate and yz fender

the yz and wr skid plates are different by where they mount correct? I wanted something smaller to stock wr plate.

Wr rear fender is different and I was thinking about relocating the computer box to the battery are and eliminating the reservoir to use the yz 08 full white plastic kit, will relocating be a problem?

Will a yz front number plate bolt up with headlight off and speedo present?


Acerbis makes a white WR fender for the 07' and newer, I run one on my bike. I just left the tail light off and kept my coolant resevoir, (you don't have to but I like it).

The number plate is a little challenging... it will slide onto the lower pegs on the lower clamp but you have to use long zip ties through the top mount hole around your upper clamp or fabricate some sort of bracket... you also need to devise a way to mount your ignition switch... I switch between the headlight and number plate all the time... I leave my speedo off but I have buddy that leaves his on with the number plate, not sure exactly how he does it but it can be done

I'll look into it... Ill try and fabricate something for a quick swap. I only needed a headlight maybe once or twise so o dont see a need for it at all times, a rock might bist it.

I might just run the blue yz rear fender, I'll try and relocate the computer by the battery or something...

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