wristpin snap ring fell into the bottom end.. Any ideas?

My snap ring from the piston fell out and now is in the bottom end. Im trying to avoid spliting the case, Has anyone else had this happen? Is there a trick that i dont know about?



Except for the fact that the flywheel is an extremely powerful magnet, and may have your clip, and that you can see into the area under the sump screen by removing the ignition cover, the only trick I know of is stuffing a rag under the piston to prevent the clip from getting in the crankcase to start with.

Get a magnet. Time to go fishing. :ride:

The clip didnt fall out during instilation, it fell out during operation......

The clip didnt fall out during instilation, it fell out during operation......

i may be wrong and if i am i will promptly be corrected but if you had your pin fall into the bottem end while in opperation i think spliting will be the only way to inspect and see if any damage was done.

bottem ends are very strong but simply fishing the pin out may only be a temp fix for a more catastrophic failure down the line.

you don't want to be mid air or 5th gear pinned and have failure.

but that's just my opinion and i tend to be overly cautious with things.

good luck and that sucks.

It fell out in operation, and you still have a whole cylinder? You're very lucky.

If you find the clip, its condition will tell you about whether you need to inspect further. If it's intact, then OK, but if it's mangled or in pieces, better have a look.

I tried to fish it out with a magnet and even hung the bike from the subframe....... no luck! I am quite lucky that i herd the difference in sound and shut her down instantly. I am going to split the case and i ordered all my seals yesterday. Thanks for all the insight and il post the results later in the week when i get her tore down. THANKS EVERYONE!!


Try removing the stator cover and engine oil drain bolt on the bottom of the case (on my 05) and blow air in the drain bolt hole ?(if you have a compressor)and see it it dislodges it to where you might be able to catch it with a magnet. I did this with the #27 torx bit as it dropped into the case when I was adding a heavier flywheel and managed to grab it. Good luck!

Better be safe than sorry...split the cases and good luck!!!:ride:

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