hydraulic brake light switch?

I am fixing up a '99 wr400 I had sitting in the garage for 5 years and I am having trouble getting the brake light to work. It has a hydraulic brake light switch on the rear brake. It is a plastic piece somehow attached to the big nut that holds the hose piece down in the rear brake lever assembly. When I hold the two wires together going into the piece, the brake light works... leading me to believe that the problem is inside the switch somewhere. Does anyone know exactly how this thing works? I pulled the nut off and I can't really see anything. It looks like the plastic thing on top MIGHT screw in but I am afraid to unscrew it and find out that it actually isnt a screw in. Any ideas?

there is a rod inside when you push the pedal the rod goes up and makes contact between the 2 wires and it has a return spring to keep it in the down position

I just bled the brakes and now it works! I guess some air worked its way in from sitting in the garage unused for 5 years.

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