Opinions on Value of my '05 450

In light of the current economic situation, I will be forced to sell my 2005 WR450 to pay down the credit card.;):ride::p So I need your opinions on what it is worth. I have done research, but have not found anyone selling a bike similar to mine. Here is a list of considerations;

-FMF Titanium Powercore Slip-on

-Pro Taper SE Bars

-YZ Front Number Plate and Rear Fender

-Removed Smog Kit

-GYT-R Fuel Screw

-No Frame Damage, Subframe Never Bent

-I have the original headlight and rear fender that are completely unscathed.

-Newer tires

And if any of you are interested...PM me!

mine was worth 4200 in the book

but worth lots more in real world

plated motard :ride: and lots of bling

post some pics

If you where up in Canada, i think you could get $4500 for it, maybe more. Ive been looking for a bike like that too. To bad your too far away.

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