Radiator Shroud Interchangablility

I read a whole bunch of old post on what model plastics can be interchanged, but I came across a discrepancy for the radiator shrouds for a WR400. I know that the YZ400 ones will work if you wollow out the lower mounting holes, and I read that the WR/YZ426 won't work on a 400. The problem is on Acerbis's website, they say that the 2000 WR400 and WR426 are the same. I'm looking at what will fit on a '98 WR400.

On my 99' there were no differences at all between the YZ and WR, no mods needed to lower hole :ride:

To the best of my knowledge 426 and 400 WR were the same but the YZ 426 was not interchangable with the WR......

98 to 02 YZF and WRF are identical in design and layout - only difference is all 400's are flat and all 426's are 45 degree mounts on the lower rad bolt.

Don't believe me cross reference the parts fiche.

All are still interchangeable - see pic below - a 400 with 426 shrouds.

03 is when it changes completely in tank/shroud design.

YZ is completely different and will NOT fit.



Thanks, that is just what I needed to hear. I just thought that the yz shrouds needed wollowing out because my bike came with yz graphics on the shrouds and the holes looked wollowed out.

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