Water Damage " S.O.S "

Went for a short ride last night and a short swim with my new WR426. The bad news is that the bike is just full of water,the good news is all my gear got washed ( it needed it ).

I did a search trying to find some reading on what to do next but but came up empty handed, I know I have read post's on this a few times before.

Sooo if anyone can help me out please do.

At this time I have the plug and air filter out

Update #1

1.Turned engine over 20 to 30 times,lots of water came out of the spark plug hole

2. Drained oil. Nice creamy milky colour

"Q" should I clean both filters ?

"Q" can I put a hair dryer over the spark plug hole to help in the drying process ?

Update #2

After letting the oil drain & airing it out for a few hours, I filled it back up with oil and turned it over afew more times. Still lots of water coming out of the spark plug hole.

Update #3

Did as Skippy said below and more water came out.The good news is that on the thrird kick it started, with alot of smoke/steam I let it run in the yard. I will change the oil again and drain the carb,then it's out for a ride.

Update #4

Let the bike idle for a short time then went for a short ride around the block and all is will.

At this time I don't have alot of free time to start taking things apart,but will try for this weeked and at the same time do the vales and change the timimg to YZ

Thanks for any help

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Clean the motor out totally. If it were mine, it would be completely disassembled, cleaned and replace any worn parts at that time and the put back together. I have seen Jet Ski's that were filled with water and other motors and no matter how well you think you got the water out, it still does some minor scaring on the cylinder and other places.


What do you mean WD40, I know what WD40 is but what to do with it in this case ???.


For future reference, pull your plug and air filter. Then with the help of a friend, pickup your front tire, and balance your bike on its back tire. This helps to drain "some" of the water out the exhaust that may have made it's way into your engine. Works for us here in CO, however, usually still takes more than a 1/2hr to get going.

My $.0426 worth..

Dodger :):D

What i did on my old 2 stroke... 93 kx125... is turned it up got all the water out of the exaust. pulled the plug kicked to get whatever water was in there out... then i sprayed a good shot of wd40 in there and let it set over night.. wd40 keeps it from rusting while airing out.. then the next morning.. woke up took the cdi cover off and gave it a quick shot to prevent corrosion.. kicked it a few times and she kicked to life....

When you recon you have got most of the water out,fill the oil up and take it for a good ride, any water left in the oil will evaporate, you need to do that ASAP.

Thanks Dodger

If I get anymore water out of this bike Iam going to start a swimming pool


Here in Australia we drown our bikes all the time. All you need to do is to remove the wet air cleaner , drain the carby bowl twice, stand the bike veticaly to get the water out of the exhaust system, remove the spark plug & turn the bike upside down, just like you did with your bushbike when you were a kid. resting on the seat & handlebars, now put it in first gear & spin the back wheel until the water stops comeing out of the sparkplug hole. This will take five to ten minutes. Stand the bike back up & put the plug back in & refill the carby & start kicking. It should start within twenty kicks. If you ride it hard for about an hour the water in the gearbox will have evaporated & the water in the motor aswell. The only thing is that water won't pass through the jets so you may have to drain the bowl again. Don't go useing WD40, it is a waste of time. Just go an give the bike a flogging.

When I firt got my WR I did it....Drained all the oil and Gas, pulled the plug then flipped it upside down like an old bicycle to make sure all the water drained (Still got marks on my rear fender from it..should have put something under it)...

After I was sure everything was out, I refilled everything and cranked her up.....Changed the oil every hour for three hours and never had a problem ever since.

good luck

Bonzai :)

Personally pull the carb clean real good

WD in my opion is wrong. USE 2 Stroke Premix to coat and protect from rust.

Problem is this you have water in the engine

Water does not compress very well

water will shater a crank bend valves

Dont worry all is not lost.

Drain oil

clean carb

pour about a 1/2 oz premix oil in the spark plug hole and gently bring the motor thru the strocks a few times

pull valve cover off check any water resting in case or lob areas. Clean real good.

It will take some time but the best method would be to tear down and clean

It is over kill but you a a 7k investment there what would you do.......

If it were me


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I did the same thing....as most of the other responses. I also added some Marvels Mystery oil to my gas to lube all internals (thanks to Bonzai's advice). It took me about 3 good oil changes to get all the crap out of the oil......

Prolly is overkill, but I am telling you guys, there will be definate wear marks and so forth from the residual water in the cylinder and other places. It will prolly run for quite some time with no noticable effects. That was my personal opinion of what I would do.

Just want to say Thanks to everyone

Ernie :)

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